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Donnie is the newest member to our team . He is very helpful already in a lot of areas we are so glad to have him on our team ! He just completed all his training through Schmeiding. Donnie will be a great addition to our team . We really appreciate him working with all of us . 

Charlene Hooten


Charlene is our new  director for the Caring Place . She is well known in the community , before taking the role as the director she was at Alzheimer's Arkansas for 3 years as a outreach director.  She will make a great director for us at the Caring Place. She is a very lovely person that knows a lot about what we do at the Caring Place. We are very honored to have her as our director . 

Heather H

Activity Director / Media

Heather is a PCA , Personal Care Assistant and works with Media . Heather has been working for The Caring Place for 3 years now, she is our new Activity director. As far as being a PCA and working with Media she enjoys what she does. Heather always tries to help anyone that needs help or needs to just chat. She has a smile on her face ready to face the day . She also does videos for the families along with anything else with a computer.



Danielle is a PCA , Personal Care Assistant she has been working for the Caring Place for 5 years and does a great job . Since she has been here so long she knows where everything is if anyone needs anything . She is a good PCA with a smile on her face . Their isn't anything that she can't accomplish.  


Activity Director

Sean has been working for the Caring Place for 5 years . He works 2 days a week , Wednesday and Thursday. When he is there , he does a wonderful job . He always finds the time to help others or just sit and chat. He can really do anything he puts his mind to!



Glen is one amazing person, he has been working with the Caring Place for 3 years and he enjoys taking the time to sit with the men and ladies as needed . He is a good worker because he can sit there and chat or take someone men to the restroom. Glen can do anything that you ask him to do. We sure do love him for all the hard work he puts in !

Heather D


Heather is our newest member of our team. She is a wonderful cook that can cook homemade meals . She is a friendly person that always has a smile on her face! Everyone loves the coking she does!

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