Benefits of Our Services

Find out what we do and how we provide support to both participants, caregivers, and volunteers.

Benefits to Participants


Why should you bring your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's to The Caring Place of Hot Springs? The benefits for them - and for you - are numerous!


New Friends

The Caring Place of Hot Springs is a fun and relaxed program with social activities designed to help participants meet and spend time with people their age who share many of the same life experiences.


Reduced Isolation

Being with other people helps lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation.


Mental and Social Stimulation

Through conversation and memory exercises, participants experience acceptance and success in a comfortable, non-threatening environment.



Fun, creative games and level-appropriate exercises help keep muscles limber and strong.


Better Sleep

Activity during the day often helps your loved one rest more easily at night.


Enjoy Life More

Participants can lead fuller, more meaningful lives by getting out of their usual surroundings (home) and interacting with others, while feeling safe physically and mentally.




Benefits to Families
& Caregivers


Support Group for Caregivers

Statistics show that caregivers who attend regular support group meetings are better informed about their loved one's disease, and are better able to cope with the demands of caring for someone with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.  Our support group meets on the second Monday of each month at 2:00 pm. Supervision of loved ones with dementia is provided during the meeting at no cost. Prior to the meeting each month, a quiet prayer time is available in our chapel for those who desire it. A lay minister is also on hand at that time. The chapel is open at 1:30 on Support Group meeting days.  The Support Group is a lifesaver!


Time and Peace of Mind

For many caregivers, time to run errands, go to a doctor's appointment, or simply have lunch with a friend, is often in short supply. They must take their loved one with them or make arrangements for another caregiver to come to the home. By utilizing The Caring Place, they can enjoy doing those things without worry for the safety or happiness of their care receiver.One of the main concerns for many caregivers is the question "Am I doing what's best for my loved one?" For those who attend The Caring Place, they can answer that with an emphatic "Yes!" Our caregivers know that their care receiver is not only getting top-notch care, but that they are also enjoying their time with us here at The Caring Place.


Advice and Resources

There are days when caregiving is exceptionally difficult. Issues arise, tempers flare, or the caregiver just needs some advice on what to do next. The staff at The Caring Place is here to offer advice, caregiving hints, resources, or just a listening ear.

Benefits to Volunteers


The Caring Place of Hot Springs lives and breathes because of its volunteers!


Each day, a rotating group of committed volunteers share their time and talents with our participants while they assist our staff. They play games, including dominoes and checkers, lead memory exercises, help with arts and crafts, and spend time in conversation with the participants. They also have lunch with the group.


Support volunteers help with special functions of the ministry, such as special dinners and fundraising events.

Those interested in serving as volunteers should call 501-623-2881 and leave a message during the time we are still closed.  



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