"My Special Place"

By Lynn Reeves, Director of The Caring Place


Once upon a time among the beautiful hills of Arkansas, there was a small city named Hot Springs. There was also this nice building where very special people gathered four days a week. These special people were always greeted with a smile and sometimes a big hug or a warm hand.


This place was filled with love and loving people. You could sit and chat with your friends about what was going on in the world or travel back in time to places you had never been. You could sip on coffee, punch or hot chocolate while you ate home-made cookies that were made especially for you.


This was a wonderful place where lots of exciting things were happening. There were lots of things to do and enjoy, like art, music, exercise, pets, Master Gardeners, horticulture, poetry, games, movies, crafts, outings, boat rides, prayer and devotionals. You could take walks or relax, and on special occasions, you could go out to lunch with your friends.


This place was different than most of the places I’ve been in my life. There were no expectations of me. I could enjoy just being myself. I was praised not for my greatest accomplishments, but my smallest. I could utilize all the skills that I had left, no matter how large or small. I felt unique. I felt loved. I was special!


There was this great big room that was filled with laughter, balls, balloons and bubbles. Once it was filled with the wonderful scents of herbs and flowers some nice lady brought for us to enjoy. We made bath salts and took them home to share with our families. With the help of my friends, we made homemade ice cream, pretzels, lemonade and bread. One day we had great big biscuits some kind man gave us. We served them with jam and made butter all by ourselves.


We were mentally and physically stimulated and we always succeeded. One day one of my friends said, “Don’t we have fun?” Another friend said, “I wish I could come here every day.”


In this too-often complicated and sometimes confusing world, it was a nice place to go where I could be with my friends. I can’t remember how to get there or the name of the nice place. Someone who cares for me will have to take me there, but I know this is a place I want to go and spend the day with my friends.


This story is unique because it is true.
You have just experienced a day with us at The Caring Place of Hot Springs.


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