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Caregiver Respite Grant Program
(Formerly known as our Scholarship Program) 

The Caring Place will award Caregiver Respite Grant Vouchers for tuition for individuals with a dementing illness to attend our adult daycare program.  The voucher will be valid for six months, in the amount of $3600, the equivalent of 50 days of paid attendance at the center. 

Eligibility Criterion:

  • The "participant" in our program must have a dementing illness diagnosis and physician referral.

  • The "participant" must have a caregiver, when not attending the adult daycare program.  

  • The total annual gross household income must not exceed $55,000.  

  • The individual receiving the grant must not be receiving any public funding for adult daycare services or any other services.  

  • Other options such as Area Agency on Aging Grants, Alzheimer's AR assistance programs and Veterans Benefits should be pursued, with assistance for such applications given to the caregiver and families by Caring Place staff members, prior to an application being submitted and considered for a TCP Caregiver Respite Grant.  

  • Application forms are available from the Program Director.  The completed form, along with a copy of the most recent federal income tax return, if available, or another form of documentation, providing proof of Total Household Gross Income, should be returned to the Director's office.  Submissions will be reviewed by the Caregiver Respite Grant committee.  

At the end of the six months, the application will be reviewed and re-evaluated by the Caring Place Director for an additional six-month renewal, with the submission of any changes to the original income documentation and/or participant's condition needing to be considered.  Any unused portion, during the grant period is subject to cancellation.  

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